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Monday, November 15, 2010

Redecorating Our Master Bedroom-Lamps

Hello.  It's a rainy day schedule here at my house. 
I am on a mission to redecorate our master bedroom.  Nothing major.  Just cosmetic stuff.  I am going to redo it one piece at a time.  So, I will share pics along the way.  The first project was to redo my lamps.  That's a simple project.   They were fine before, but kind of plain and not exactly my style.

I decided to use some sea shells from our trips to the beach in Destin, Fl
because my house has a coastal feel to it.  Shells-Free.

These ribbons were actually tied around a new rug that I ordered for our dining room.  I decided to save them.  I knew I could use them for something.  Ribbon-Free.

Jute is always great for projects.  Jute (I already had, but it costs around $3).

I picked out only the seashells that naturally had a hole in them.

First, I cut jute strings at various lengths. Then, I put them through the shells and hung them on the lines of the lamp  using a glue gun.

Next, I used the "salvaged from my rug delivery" ribbons to cover my work.

Finally, I spray painted the lamps a beautiful glossy coastal blue. Can of spray paint-$3.


Simple & Elegant & Only $3.00!


  1. What a difference paint and some seashells can make. Great transformation. ~~Sherry~~

  2. Very pretty. Love the color. Thanks for sharing.