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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween/Thanksgiving Embroidered Towels

Goodmorning Ladies!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall.  We had a busy weekend. Friday night, we went to our friends' house for dinner.  Saturday morning I was up at 5 am getting ready to head to the Cotton Festival in Eclectic, AL.  I was hosting a booth there for my business.  Then, Saturday afternoon my family and 2 additional little boys that we adopted for the weekend headed to my youngest son's cubscout campout.  That was fun! Sunday we went to church and FINALLY we were able to relax that afternoon.  My kids are out of school for Fall break.  They go back tomorrow.  I think I might do a little dance when the bus comes.  :)  I love them, but after 4 days straight in a house full of boys,  I am ready for a little quiet.

I have showed yall the embroidered towels that my sweet friend makes before.  I just wanted to focus on a few specific to the Fall.  So, check out these photos and if you are interested, please email me @  flashyandsassy@yahoo.com. They are adorable and they make really nice gifts.  Have a great week!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Fall Project:Personalize your door wreath

Hey girls, How are your Fall decorating projects going? Aren't they so much fun?  Yesterday afternoon,  I did another project before I went to pick the kids up from school. I started with a scrap piece of one of those thick paper covered foam poster boards (like the ones your kids use for science project boards).

 I drew out the letter B to the size I wanted using a ruler and 2 different sized round objects. The round objects helped me round out the B inner and outer edges perfectly, because I don't have a steady hand.
I gathered from my paint stash a variety of Fall colors.

I painted the entire B brown.  Don't worry about going out of the line a little, it will be perfect when you cut it out.

 Added green dots.  You can use a paint brush or your fingertip.  I used the blue brush below.

Added yellow dots.

Added burgundy dots.

And finally, cream white dots, which I really like against that brown.  It really pops!

Next, I sprayed with clear glossy acrylic.  I put on 2 coats allowing 15 minutes dry time in between.

Then, I cut it out using scissors on the outer edges.

I used a razor on the inner edges.

After cutting it out the edges are white.  So, I used my finger tip & the brown paint to go around the edges and touch up.  It was easier to me than the brush. 

I pulled out my trusty little glue gun and glued it to my wreath that I have already had for a couple of years.

After it was glued to the wreath, I sprayed a third and final coat of acrylic on it.
Isn't it so cute?  It really makes the wreath complete.  My cost $0.00, b/c I had all the materials, and I am sure most of you crafters do, too.  You might just need to pick up a project board for a couple of dollars.  My porch is covered, so it will be well protected and the acrylic always helps.  You can always buy one of those precut wood letters also and paint it up.  But, for me, I take pride and doing it from scratch.

Another pic of my B-eautiful masterpiece!

Hope yall like it!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Fall Stuff & a chest of drawers redo

Well, I guess it is obvious  that I love, love, love Fall!  Yesterday, I was taking a walk in my neighborhood and saw all the beautiful vegetation changing colors.  So pretty!  So, I decided to pick some random wildflower/weed type plants and some tree branches with changing leaves.  I put them all together and here they are- a beautiful Fall bouquet!

I got some additional branches and placed them throughout my living room.  These are really pretty.  My hubby actually got these for me.  If you look close you can see the little red berries on this one. 

Now, for my project.  Notice this chest below, this is the only before pic I have.  I forgot to take a before pic.  But, anyway, it was brown.  Yesterday, I decided to change that.

I had some blue paint out in the garage.  So I painted it and then took some fine sandpaper and roughed it up.  It took less than an hour to finish.  I love it.  My house, overall, has a coastal feel.  So, I thought this works better than the brown. 

Until next time.  :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Decor/Fall Craft project

Hey Everyone!

I promised to get back with yall after I planted flowers and decorated for fall.  So, here are my pics.

This is my hall tree, which is made from an old salvaged door. I absolutely love this.  My friend, Nick built this.  Doesn't it look so pretty all decorated?  I can't wait to decorate it for Christmas, too!

 I adore candle stick holders.... well anything to do with candles!  These are some of my favorites.  They are white and distressed~Shabby Chic, of course.
 This is my foyer.  I love this antique buffet.  The sun mirror came from a store down at the beach in Destin.  My hubby picked it out.
 I wanted to zoom in on this.  This is an idea that I got several years ago from a magazine.  Just take a candy dish or any dish on a pedastal (cake dish,etc.)  and fill with pumpkins or gords. So simple, so pretty!
 My dining room.  I have this china cabinet and the matching table (table not pictured) for sale.  I am hoping to sell soon, so I can go buy the China Cabinet I have my eye on before it gets gone.  But anyway,  again, you can see how much I love candlesticks!

 This is one of my treasures....An old salvaged door with key hole.  Absolutely love it.  Shabby Chic!

 Love my little pilgrams.

 This dish idea, again.  Isn't that so pretty?
 My front porch.

 Some of my flowers
 More flowers

 My kitchen table

 Now for my fall craft project.  It was fun and easy and sooo cheap!  I love to hang wreaths on my windows outside at Christmas.  So, I thought how beautiful would fall ones be!  I have never done fall wreaths.  So my plan was to make them.  I was hoping to find those wooden twig wreaths at the Dollar Tree as well as everything I would need to put on them.  They did not have the wreaths             :(  
So, I saw these wonderful little baskets and imagined exactly what I would do.  Here are all the supplies you will need.

It took almost one whole roll to do each window decoration.
 Assorted fall harvest vegetables
 Pinecones, which you can purchase or just pick up in your back yard.  I did a little of both.
Assorted flowers

Scissors, glue gun, glue stick, wire cutters

Simply glue and arrange randomly.  You can do this basket vertical or horizontal.  I liked vertical better.  Then tie the ribbon on in a pretty bow.

And Tada!  Beautiful, if I do say so myself!

Only spent about $30.00 for 7 windows.  You can't beat that!

So that's all!  Happy Fall!  :)

Oh, I almost forgot.  I sprayed each arrangement with glossy clear acrylic sealer to give it a shiny look and protect it from the elements.  The veggies will fade and crack in the sun if not protected.  I sprayed all of it, even the flowers and basket.
Also, a handy little contraption that I came across a while back is this black little gadget that fits to any spray can and makes spraying effortless and helps prevent runs.  It cost like $1 or $2.  I bought mine at Walmart.  You know how your hand and finger start killing you after a while of spraypainting?  Well, you won't have that problem anymore.