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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween/Thanksgiving Embroidered Towels

Goodmorning Ladies!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall.  We had a busy weekend. Friday night, we went to our friends' house for dinner.  Saturday morning I was up at 5 am getting ready to head to the Cotton Festival in Eclectic, AL.  I was hosting a booth there for my business.  Then, Saturday afternoon my family and 2 additional little boys that we adopted for the weekend headed to my youngest son's cubscout campout.  That was fun! Sunday we went to church and FINALLY we were able to relax that afternoon.  My kids are out of school for Fall break.  They go back tomorrow.  I think I might do a little dance when the bus comes.  :)  I love them, but after 4 days straight in a house full of boys,  I am ready for a little quiet.

I have showed yall the embroidered towels that my sweet friend makes before.  I just wanted to focus on a few specific to the Fall.  So, check out these photos and if you are interested, please email me @  flashyandsassy@yahoo.com. They are adorable and they make really nice gifts.  Have a great week!

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